What we believe...

Heather's Dance Academy believes that the Art of Dance is of the utmost importance for our Mind, Body and Soul. We are committed to teaching each student technique,  knowledge and the fun of Dance.  Students have the right to express themselves creatively  in a positive and encouraging environment.

Heather Duncan

Your Instructor, Heather Duncan, has danced for 30 years! Since she was a teen, Heather has assisted in teaching classes for Karen's Dance Academy. Heather graduated from the Fine Arts Center's Dance Program. She has also received several Scholarships and attended Columbia College for Dance. She has had the opportunity to explore the world of dance in New York, Maryland and California. 

Heather is a  Mom of two children and is married to her husband, Kevin.  She loves children and watching them grow.  Heather loves being in the great outdoors!  She loves dancing, sketching and spending time with her family.

Our Studio...

Our studio is equipped with a professional Sprung floating floor. This floor rests on a system of high density foam that in turn absorbs the shock on the body. The surface of our floor that we dance directly on is vinyl "Marley" flooring, the best surface to dance on.